We build the most comprehensive tech solutions for financing.

Bruk delivers first-class services for financing companies.

Bruk FaaS Platform
Bruk is a software and service provider with the most comprehensive FaaS platform on the market. The platform enables financial companies to provide risk optimized and secure financial products to both their financial investors and customers. The use of the platform enables financial companies to securely enter new markets thanks the transparent and scalable end-to-end processes. With a high-level risk monitoring and through transparent reporting investors can invest securely on the market where the demand for new financial solutions is emerging.

"Bruk creates a great opportunity for us to extend our business, quickly enter new markets and disrupt the financial industry. With Bruk’s “plug-and-play” solution, we can focus solely on value creation both for our customers and investors.”

Miika Engström, CEO for Billecta Finland

Bruk FaaS Platform & Backoffice
Our services cover the entire financing process designed for receivables purchase financing: invoice handling, ledger management, payments & accounting. Investors can securely invest their funds into various financing products while maintaining control over their investments through real-time reporting. The funding model on our platform is designed to accommodate multiple funding sources (SPVs).

The platform supports several banking and accounting integrations that allow secure and automated data transfer. All accounting events are automatically created throughout the platform and exported through available integrations to both investors and customers.

We offer the Bruk FaaS Platform together with our backoffice solutions and services. For more information, please contact us.

Receivables purchase & handling
Client AR handling
Debt collections
Risk monitoring
Multiple funding (SPV)
Credit insurance
Automated accounting
Customer service

Partners & Integrations

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