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At Bruk, we are disrupting the working capital markets by offering services and creating real value through the whole value chain. To accomplish this goal, we aim to build one of the best softwares on this planet. Currently, we are building a FaaS (Finance as a Service) to serve customers all over the world. Complexity made simple. Our vision is to become the backbone of SME finance and help build better, value-driven companies.

Our organisation works in a high-paced environment that requires us to think fast, move faster and cultivate a mindset of constant growth. We are looking for extraordinary people to join our industry-leading team that
tackle the most challenging problems and build technologies that have real impact.

An inspirational and fun working environment, an innovation-driven, fast growing company, ambitious projects and an incredibly talented team are just a few reason why you will love it here.

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Job openings

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Senior Software Developer

We’re looking for a lead software developer / software architect with  experience in several big projects, who still enjoy taking part in daily hands-on coding.
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At Bruk, we subscribe to a set of values that help guide how we work, play and solve problems.

Our core values

Bring simplicity to all that is complex

The simpler we can make things, the more understanding and belief will be created to improve efficiency and effectiveness to generate better results.

Build honest and transparent relationships

Mutual trust and transparency are the cornerstones of good relationships. We share, advice and learn constructively. We want to be accountable in all business practices.

Treat every failure as a learning opportunity

Innovate, test and learn from failures. Have an open mind for new ideas and dare to challenge yourself and others.

Be passionate but keep the fun in the workday

We believe that life and work cannot be separated, and rather than balancing, we try to integrate them. We don’t believe fun at work takes away from productivity—we believe it increases it.