Senior Software Developer

You are an experienced software developer who’s looking to challenge yourself and keep growing your skills. You want to work with peers who are all top-notch in their own area of expertise – developers, designers, strategists and financial experts. Exploit the newest technologies and tools – to create distributed cloud services that will disrupt the global working capital markets.


We’re a hands-on team of professionals and expect you to be able to both ideate and take action.

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What do we require?

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What you'll do

At Bruk, we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. You’ll get to work on ambitious projects and be a part of a unique community of passionate professionals. We’re all about setting you up to succeed.

Our team picks the technologies that they see is fit for the job. We do a lot of C# and Node.JS based solutions on the backend and many React and Redux based apps on the frontend. We’re open to all ways of building things. In fact, we hope you’ll be teaching us new ways of doing things as we like to stay on the forefront of technologies.

How to apply?

Send your free form application and CV to
Sharing your Github profile is always a plus!

The position is full-time starting preferably in November 2018 or
when a suitable candidate is found. Remote work for this position is not possible.

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