Working capital that works for you

The future of working capital as we see it.

Working capital solutions provide companies with cash to operate. This enables entrepreneurs to focus on the core business activities, accelerate growth and to ensure future success. Companies without sufficient working capital fail easily and are stuck in a negative feedback loop, which leads to financial and personal hardship.


For us, progress is constant. Staying in the past isn’t an option for us. We create solutions and instruments for the forerunners of the future.


Mutual trust and transparency are the cornerstones of good client relationships. Our financing is based on rational and concrete criteria, and reflect improvements in your processes and business performance.

Reliable expertise

We know risk. We know entrepreneurs. Our local teams provide start-ups and SMEs the support they need to manage risk and funding efficiently. Your risk is our risk.

Working Capital 1.0

Our services and solutions

Straightforward and swift – our first solution.

Create a sales invoice and send it to us

We follow one of the following two rules


We buy

We buy the invoice

We pay you

We pay you 100% immediately less a small commission

We send a fund statement

We send a fund statement of the payment for your AR matching / handling


We monitor

We monitor the open balance for the payment from the end customer

We collect

We collect the payment on your behalf

We pay you

We pay you the full invoice amount less a small fee

Bruk Financial Services Ltd.

Unconventional financial services to secure growth

A comprehensive solution for a need for working capital

  • We make an assessment of your operations and provide
    you with a report of our findings and conclusions.
  • We provide you with a suggestion for a financial structure
    that matches your present needs.
  • Depending on your organisational capabilities, we support
    you in implementing the proposed financing solution.

Your future is more important for us than your past

  • Credible buyers or customers and reliable suppliers are often sufficient to qualify for funding.
  • A long history or collateral coverage is not necessary.
  • We grow our working capital offerings and match
    your business operations.

Our value proposition

Funding for sustainable growth

Entrepreneurs need better tools to manage their businesses and seize opportunities. We optimise the funding structure with banks, venture capital providers and public funding sources (e.g. Business Finland) to ensure that control and ownership remain with the founders.

If you are an entrepreneur, this is what we can do for you:

Focus on your core activities

Think of us as a gateway; we enable you to explore new opportunities and stretch your dreams to their full potential.

Facilitate growth

Our highly efficient solutions fulfil your company's unique funding needs at every point of the journey. We provide solutions that work even when the future seems distant.

Ensure the future of your business

We pride ourselves on creating concrete added value and on being completely transparent. The better you work towards our mutual agreed objectives, the more the need for additional capital will decrease and your cost of funding fall.


Ready to make the jump?

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